Where to stay in Munich: Jaegers Hostel

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One of my travel pet peeves (and I have many!) is having to use public transportation whenever I arrive/leave a city - there just isn’t anything fun about carrying a suitcase around in the metro. Locals hate it, travellers hate it - it’s a lose-lose situation.

So whenever I have the opportunity, I try to book my accommodation as close as possible to the main train station. It’s simpler, it’s more efficient, and it pleases my lazy/frugal self very much.

Luckily, this was exactly the case during my time in Munich, when I stayed at the Jaegers Hostel.

Jaegers Hostel: The Location

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It’s pretty obvious from the map that the hostel couldn’t boast a better location - it literally is 45 seconds away from the train station. And that is not a euphemism. This not only means you will get off the train and be settled in your room in less than 15 minutes, but it also means that it’s very close to public transportation that will get you around town, as well as convenient shopping and dining options.

Sure, most European train stations are a bit sketchy at night - but this is Munich. The bourgeois capital of Germany. There ain’t nothing sketchy about this city, at any time of the day, I will tell you that. So nothing to worry about on that front.

The hostel is also within walking distance from a few interesting landmarks, like the Botanischer Garten, the high street shops of Neuhauserstrasse and, perhaps most importantly, Theresienwiese - where the Oktoberfest magic happens.

Jaegers Hostel: The Hostel

Jaegers Munich has a very relaxed atmosphere, that is welcomed by both the party animals and the homebodies alike. The ground floor features a chill-out common area and a well-stocked bar, as well as friendly staff and a colorful, modern decor.

The hostel also has free WiFi throughout, a delicious buffet breakfast, a free welcome shot, a/c in all rooms as well as 24 hours reception, free city tours, a very-much appreciated elevator and free lockers.

I’m not sure how hostels can get better than this.

Jaegers Hostel: The Rooms

There are over 300 beds spread out on 5 different floors - indeed, the hostel offers many possibilities in terms of accommodation, from the regular 12-bed dorms to my favorite option, the private ensuite.

My room was on the very quiet top floor - not once was I bothered by the noise or people walking around. A much welcomed rest! My room was fully equipped with a comfortable double bed, a desk, a large closet, a small LCD television and ensuite bathroom. The hairdryer was also a small, but appreciated touch!

Everything in the room was brand new, and absolutely spotless. Hostels often have the reputation of not being the cleanest, but this really isn’t the case at Jaegers.

Jaegers Hostel

For anyone who likes to be close to the action and stay in a comfortable, simple room, the Jaegers Hostel is the perfect option in Munich. Should I ever visit the city again I will not hesitate to book there - and neither should you.

Disclaimer: I was a guest of Jaegers Hostel and Hostelbookers. As always, all opinions are my own. I genuinely loved the hotel - especially its location.


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  1. Cristina

    27. Mar, 2013

    Nice! I much rather stay in hostels when I travel. They are a lot more relaxed and definitely easy on the wallet. I usually stay by the main metro as well, even though I find I’m always walking everywhere.

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