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It’s already been a few months since I visited London (which reminds me — I’m all out of tea) but my last time there was quite fabulous. I had an extra nice flat in the heart of Covent Garden, courtesy of GoWithOh. An experience I am not soon to forget!

And while I do work with brands quite regularly, few have proven to be as easygoing and fun as GoWithOh. When they contacted me to ask if I wanted to participate in their latest contest, I jumped at the chance to score a free stay at one of their apartments — not only for me, but for you guys too!

I’ve always loved renting an apartment whenever I travel for more than a few nights to the same place. Not only is it cheaper, it’s also much more practical in terms of eating and doing laundry. But ultimately, it’s the feeling of being a local, if only temporarily, that convinces me every time. Watching German TV (although I feel like a 2 year-old kid who watches moving colors on a screen and doesn’t understand a single word), going grocery shopping, meeting neighbors, making new friends — that’s what travels should feel like.

Because I have been working quite a bit lately and pretty much threw travel out the window, I find myself  in need of a much deserved getaway. Not just for the sake of travel, because I do need to finish my projects, but simply to get the creative juices flowing. And for this, I can only think of this flat in Berlin. A historical, inexpensive and inspiring destination, where freelancers like me can indulge their unassumed Instagram additions, indulge their  inner history buff, get work done in the nearby hipster coffee shops of Prenzlauer Berg, eat their weight in cheap currywurst and socialize with cosmopolitan Berliners.

And if this isn’t enough, pack in a day trip to Dresden, to Poland, or beyond!

I’m not sure working from home can get more inspiring than this.

You see, working from home has its own set of downsides. Sure, I don’t need to get up at the crack of dawn to catch a bus downtown and pack a lunch every single day. But on the other hand, it means I don’t get to see anyone for an entire day, nor do I get social pressure to NOT wear a fleece outfit (I would very much like to know why fleece pants aren’t considered proper work attire).

After years of working as a freelancer, I have come to realize that I still need to be put together in order to be efficient and write good content. In my case, there is no such thing as rolling out of bed and get crackin’. And this apartment, with the pristine and stylish decor, makes me want to look my best, polished self. I could definitely picture myself working all day and reward myself with a delicious, homemade sauerkraut!

SO Berlin!

And the reason why I would choose Go With Oh is simply because I have tested and tried them before, and I wasn’t in the least bit disappointed. I have booked apartments with other companies before short-term rentals were a thing, and let me tell you that no heating and no hot water were definitely a BAD surprise. Especially in London. In the dead of winter.

Actually, the odds of being surprised by Go With Oh are quite slim, thanks to the professional photos, the floor plan and the ample guest reviews available for each flat. You know exactly what you’re getting, and that makes the whole traveling experience that much more enjoyable.

I chose to Go With Oh, and so should you!

You guys can win a whopping 500 euros simply by entering here, picking your dream apartment and explaining why it makes you weak in the knees. Simple as that!


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  1. Sara GowithOh

    24. Oct, 2013

    Hallo Marie! Ohh I love this apartment as well! Looking forward to collaborating with you again, the “travel” must go on!

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