Holiday Gifts The Travel Addict In Your Life Will Actually Love

Posted on 01. Dec, 2014 by .


Because I am one extremely picky person (I’m aware this makes me a horrible human being), I have been doing gift wishlists for as long as I can remember. I always thought - if you’re going to get me a present, you might as well spend your hard-earned money smartly by offering me something I actually […]

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The Best German Christmas Markets - in Photos

Posted on 26. Nov, 2014 by .


Few European traditions are more iconic than the famous Christmas Markets in Germany – often imitated, but never duplicated. Created in Dresden in the 15th century as a gathering place and local market, the markets served a practical purpose first and foremost: present-shopping for loved ones and family, all while encouraging artisans and their craft. […]

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7 French Castles to Make You Feel Like Royalty

Posted on 21. Nov, 2014 by .


After living in France for almost two years, it’s fair to say I’ve had my fair share of châteaux. From the lavish properties of the Loire Valley to the ruins of the French Riviera, and pretty much everything in between, France doesn’t disappoint in terms of castles. The fact that there are so many – […]

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eating london review

Eating London’s Delicious East End

Posted on 07. Nov, 2014 by .


You guys know me. One look at this blog and three things immediately come to mind: I love food. I love walking (thank heavens, otherwise I would easily weight 972 pounds by now). And I love London (duh - as evidenced by the abundance of London posts on this wee blog). Combine these three things […]

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Kensington, London

My Guide to Royal and Lavish Kensington in London

Posted on 23. Oct, 2014 by .


Fact: 100% of tourists visiting London will eventually set foot in affluent Kensington. Indeed, the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chealsea is always high up on every one’s London bucket list, for the simple reason that it is home to an impressive amount of London’s most famous attractions: Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park, Notting Hill, incredibly photogenic […]

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72 hours in Glasgow

Posted on 15. Oct, 2014 by .


Glasgow was always an elusive one to me. I have been all over Scotland in the past couple of years over half a dozen of trips, , from the Isle of Skye to Edinburgh — and yet, I had never managed to make it west to Glasgow. Was I not destined to go, I wondered? It wasn’t for […]

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48 hours in Reykjavik

Posted on 17. Sep, 2014 by .


Reykjavik has become quite the poster city for all things Scandinavian in the past couple of years; fresh air, accessible nature, colorful cottages and plenty of coffee shops filled with cozy candles. Indeed, gone are the days where visitors simply drove through Reykjavik on their way to the West Fjords or simply to get a […]

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Do’s and Dont’s of an Iceland Road Trip

Posted on 18. Aug, 2014 by .


Let’s just start by stating the obvious: Iceland is amazing. Like, I-almost-didn’t-blink-for-a-week kind of amazing. But the rugged, raw beauty of the country is not something to simply marvel at; it is also something to take into consideration when planning a trip, for Iceland is a land of extreme conditions (you will notice that I […]

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My Carry-On Packing Essentials

Posted on 14. Aug, 2014 by .


Lately, I realized that whenever I start packing for a trip, I shift into robot mode. I always take the same bag, the same stuff, without exception. The truth is, no matter where in the world I am traveling to, my carry-on packing routine is always the same, because I’ve done it so many times before. […]

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travel apps

My Favourite Europe Travel Apps

Posted on 05. Aug, 2014 by .


Anytime someone asks me “What’s the one thing you wouldn’t travel without?”, my answer inevitably is “My iPhone” — what I commonly refer to as my other half (and yes, I am married to an actual human being). Saying that I am obsessed with my phone isn’t an understatement, and I am seriously considering a […]

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The Street Art of East London

Posted on 07. Jul, 2014 by .


Street art is a bit like guacamole, or disco music: you either love it, or you hate it. I don’t know anyone who just feels moderately about street art. It seems that there are people who feel street art is nothing more than an elaborate form of graffiti, and there are others who view it […]

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best of paris

The Best of the Best of Paris

Posted on 27. May, 2014 by .


The City of Lights has been the object of many, many dreams and reveries over the last century, and even though there are many other vibrant cities in the world to visit, few can boast having Paris’ glamour and joie de vivre. But a city that offers so many different options, and that’s been written […]

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