2011 in 11 photos

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In a year that took me across the pond and beyond on the Old Continent, got me married and sent me on a honeymoon, and that made me become a dedicated travel blogger, I took a shameful amount of photos. Think tens of thousands. And thanks to my OCD-Monica-Geller like personality, I starred a couple of my favorites over the last few months… here’s my year 2011 in photos.

Swiss fondue? Yes please.

2011 was definitely the year where I discovered cheese fondue. I could never choose between Swiss and Savoyarde,  and I look forward to the next fondue dinner on the menu (I do have to control myself not to make one at home every week, and wash it off with crisp Apremont wine). My favorite, though, is the fine herbs one at Le Fréti, Annecy’s best fondue restaurant.

View from Mount Semnoz

Speaking of Annecy… I had the chance to visit the city a couple of times over the year and enjoy its romantic atmosphere and beautiful sights. One of the most breathtaking sight was definitely going up Mount Semnoz and admire the turquoise waters of Lake Bourget, contrasting with the Alps and the green flora.

Sunset at Château de Chillon

Château de Chillon was one of the best surprises of my trip to Switzerland in the fall. I had seen pictures and knew it was beautiful, but I had no idea it was so well kept after all these years. It was really interesting to visit. And the sunset over the Alps and Lake Leman? Amazing.

Leaves in Hyde Park (and a crazy leaves lady)

You guys know I’m a sucker for London. And fall colors. I guess 2 and 2 equal 4… which explains my somewhat overwhelming reaction when I strolled through leafy Hyde Park in November. And yes, I giggled like a little girl.

Chambord Castle

And what could possibly be my favorite picture of 2011… Chambord Castle in the fall. It was a very prompt and unplanned shot, and I’m very proud at how it turned out.

Alpine lifestyle

Right after Travel Bloggers Unite Conference in Innsbruck, I experienced the “alpine lifestyle” at the Bergland Hotel, in Tyrol. I toured the contemporary rooms, tasted the hearty menu but most importantly, I relaxed in the spa facilities for a few hours. The mountain-facing jacuzzi is where I spent most of my time. I wonder why…

Prague Castle

I was glad I had the opportunity to visit Prague another time this summer, as I toured it in less than 20 hours last time around. It was just as beautiful as I remembered, at any time of the day!

Strasbourg's Petite France at night

Another one of my favorite destinations this year was Alsace. I drove down from Strasbourg all the way to Colmar, and stopped in several quaint villages along the way. My heart goes to that picture though - it was such a great, relaxed evening in the oldest part of Strasbourg, with the dimly lit streets and timbered houses. Put the mobile phones away and you’re back in the 15th century!

Driving up to Mont-Blanc...

If you’ve read this blog before, you know I’m terrified of heights. Although going up a 4000 meters high mountain might not be on top of my hobbies, I am very proud of myself for doing it and absolutely love all the pretty pictures I have.


One of the greatest advantages of living in France, and in Europe in general, is the abundance of markets. Whether you are looking for fresh courgettes, or saucissons secs, or the famous Bleu d’Auvergne cheese, you are guaranteed to find it - and possibly even more! And yes, the amount of weight I have put on since moving to France will remain a secret, for my own sanity!

Finding my village!

And last but not least, finding my village in France was definitely something I will remember. I learned more about my ancestors who left the Charentes region in the 1600 and settled in New-France… and created me a few centuries later. It reminded me that even though I sometimes have a hard time getting used to my life in France, that I am incredibly lucky to experience all this.

Do you have a favorite shot from this post? Or your own collection? What’s the thing you are most proud of doing in 2011?

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13 Responses to “2011 in 11 photos”

  1. Angie Orth

    29. Dec, 2011

    Love the Chambord shot! One of my favorite Loire Valley castles.

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  2. Jeff Titelius

    29. Dec, 2011

    What a wonderful recap of the year and I love all of your photos especially the Hyde Park image. This particular picture really captures your inner spirit and your life force … so full of adventure and happiness. I just love it. Plus, Petite France is gorgeous!!

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  3. Abby

    29. Dec, 2011

    These are some beautiful photos! What a year. I loved the stunning shots of Chambord Castle and even the cheese market. But I also loved you playing in the leaves!!

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  4. Laura

    30. Dec, 2011

    I want to be in that Jacuzzi in Tyrol right now!

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  5. Andrea

    31. Dec, 2011

    Lovely photos! I’ve been in love with cheese fondue since I was a teenager so I’m very happy that you’ve discovered it too =) Happy New Year!!!

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  6. Ross Corbett

    04. Jan, 2012

    A lovely selection of photos. I like the one taken from the Bergland Hotel, the scenery is wonderful.

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  7. Tara

    04. Jan, 2012

    Love the Chambord Castle shot. I tried to get that kind of shot in Parramatta (Australia) with some eucalyptus leaves with Government House in the background, but it was never quite right. As soon as I saw yours, I thought ‘that’s it!” Great job!

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    • Marie

      06. Jan, 2012

      Thanks! It was really a spur of the moment thing, I’m sure if I had planned it in advance if wouldn’t have turned out so good!

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    • Marie

      25. Jan, 2012

      Thanks! I really lucked out on that one.

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  8. Pete

    09. Jan, 2012

    Fave is the Chambord Castle, really nicely composed shot and the colors are great.

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    • Marie

      25. Jan, 2012

      Thanks! :-) Sometimes it’s the most spontaneous shots that are best.

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