5 Best Spots to Propose in Europe: Will You Marry Me?

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If you’re thinking of starting a life with the one you love, there are perhaps no more picturesque spots to propose than those found in Europe. From landmarks to gardens to bridges, European destinations offer some of the most enchanting areas in the world. Because many of these destinations are quite popular, accommodation can be readily found, whether you’re looking for a romantic hideaway or a luxury hotel. If you’re planning on proposing, check out these top European destinations:

1.   Paris

Probably one of the most well-known spots to propose in Europe, even perhaps the most obvious destination, proposing in Paris doesn’t have to turn into a cliché. The Eiffel Tower makes a perfect backdrop to a stunning wedding proposal, but so does the Louvre and any one of the many cathedrals in the city. Why not celebrate the lovely event in a charming bistro and order their best bottle of champagne?

London Eye at dusk

2.   London Eye

A major landmark of London, the London Eye encloses riders in a window filled capsule, providing stunning views of London and the Thames River. If you’re planning on proposing on the Eye, try taking a private ride at night under the stars for the most breathtaking views - and the most romantic feel. Amazing souvenirs guaranteed!

3.   Keukenhof Park

Located near Lisse, Netherlands, and easily reachable from Amsterdam, Keukenhof Park is literally the world’s most expansive flower garden. The best time to propose is around mid-April, when the tulips are in full-bloom and when the park is at its best. While a lot of people do not think of it as the best spot to propose in Europe, the lovely park, filled with flowering trees, vast areas of emerald green grass and colorful flowers, will make sure to impress your partner with a well-planned and out-of-the-ordinary proposal.

 charles bridge at sunrise, Best Spots to Propose in Europe

Photo by Lucie Debelkova

4.   The Charles Bridge

Located in the Czech Republic, the bridge offers stunning views of Prague, especially at night. With the city lit up as your backdrop, proposing on the bridge will almost ensure a positive response from any girl with princess dreams. Why not book one of the capital’s most romantic hotel for the special occasion?

5.   Piazzale Michelangelo

Copies of Michelangelo’s works are located throughout the park, which was designed by Poggi. The park was built in dedication to the famous artist and offers beautiful views of Florence, Italy. With many statues and beautifully landscaped grounds, the spot may be ideal for those with marriage on the mind.

Have you proposed to someone? Was it in one of the best spots to propose in Europe? What would be your dream location for a wedding?


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7 Responses to “5 Best Spots to Propose in Europe: Will You Marry Me?”

  1. Katherina

    20. Jul, 2011

    I didn’t knew you got engaged in Europe! Where, if I may ask? :) By the way, saw your comment on my post on Lausanne - its a shame that by then I won’t be around any more, I would have loved to be a tour guide! But don’t hesitate asking for tips (like where to get the best fondue!)

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  2. Abigail Rogers

    20. Jul, 2011

    Ahhh, to be proposed to on the London Eye by a tall, dark and handsome Englishman…except that I have this problem with heights. Ah well, it sounds nice anyway :)

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    • Marie

      21. Jul, 2011

      Ohhh an Englishman. That sounds tempting. Haha. So much for being engaged!

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  3. Bluegreen Kirk

    29. Jul, 2011

    Hmmm i don’t think I will be letting my wife see this post she would want me to do the whole thing all over again! These sound like great places!

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  4. Bob Crunch

    01. Aug, 2011

    These are some great ideas. Definitely will keep this list in mind when I eventually find that lucky lady.

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  5. Flights Search

    03. Aug, 2011

    Nice tips mate especially the London eye since i was a kid i’m wishing to see it personally , How i wish i can get a holiday packages to London.

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  6. Sailor

    05. Aug, 2011

    You have some great tips. Now I am bit confused on picking the best out of the best!

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