A Very Rainy Afternoon in Saint-Émilion

Posted on 11. May, 2012 by in Europe Travel

You know how I said it was rainy in Bordeaux?

Well, I take that back. Bordeaux was gorgeous, and the weather was almost fabulous. A light drizzle, really. Saint-Émilion, on the other hand, was a total mess. Heavy downpour and thick fog do NOT make for a great day out.

Have you ever tried to operate a DSLR camera while holding an umbrella, all while trying not to walk right into huge puddles? Not very elegant. And to add to the exercise, Saint-Émilion happens to be an extremely steep village, with actual ramps down the streets. So yes. I was quite the sight.

Which is a real shame, because Saint-Émilion is one of the prettiest villages of France, architecturally speaking. It has lots of great things to see:

Cloître des Cordeliers

The many quaint wine shops

Place du Marché

The steep cobblestone streets

It also happens to be one of the tastiest villages, too:  the Saint-Émilion is actually an AOC product (controlled designation of origin) and is therefore unique in the world. There are tons of vineyards around the village, but considering how wet the day was, I decided to forego anything that involved not being covered by a roof.

The famous Saint-Émilion wine

Can't blame the honesty.

Being Canadian, I’ll take freezing weather over rain any day. I would much rather walk around with mittens and a duvet coat, than suffocate in a raincoat! Somehow heavy rain does not enchant me at all, and really kills all desire to explore and discover. So sadly, I ended up back in the car much sooner than I expected, and made my way back home instead of sipping amazing wine in a gorgeous location.

But considering just how much I loved Bordeaux, I’m sure I’ll be back in Aquitaine very soon - and perhaps the weather will be on my side this time.

Have you been to Saint-Émilion before? Or are you also affected by the weather then on the road?

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12 Responses to “A Very Rainy Afternoon in Saint-Émilion”

  1. I know exactly what you mean! Im from Winnipeg and it doesn’t rain much there…. so i just hate hae hate hate hate rainy weather. It ruins my mood. And umbrellas are a pain in the butt.

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  2. Abby

    17. May, 2012

    A cozy afternoon in drinking wine sounds like heaven! Of course, I also live in the desert… I’m going to Panama next week expecting sunny skies — and it looks like rain. We’ll see!

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  3. Andrew

    20. May, 2012

    Yeah, rain gets to me too. This seems to be more of a problem over time though. I love just sitting and watching the rain come down from a cafe, but it gets to me more when I have to walk through it to a museum or whatnot and feel like I am having a vacation day taken from me.

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    • Marie

      27. May, 2012

      I think I can handle rain in big cities with lots of cafés and museums, but in villages like Saint-Emilion it’s not easy!

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  4. Removal Van

    23. May, 2012

    Rain + wine = bliss! Of course, if youve got a a roof over your head :)

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  5. Alexa Meisler

    24. May, 2012

    Haha the rain can certainly ruin your day and your camera! So it’s always best to be careful. Great shots and I hope to visit this beautiful city some day!

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    • Marie

      27. May, 2012

      Thanks! I guess I was lucky to get a few good shots despite the dreary weather.

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  6. jenjenk

    20. Jun, 2012

    I think St Emilion is one of my favorite cities!! i just love that place!! i didn’t spend nearly enough time there…will have to go back!!

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  7. Beautiful photos, despite the rain. Good thing you were able to find the wine shops!

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