About Marie


Marie-Eve is a full-time travel blogger, amateur photographer, translator and copywriter living as an expat in France. She’s been to over 17 European countries and keeps adding new ones every other week.

But what’s the real story, you ask? Here goes.

June 2006.

Meet boyfriend. Fall madly in love. Get hammered together on a summery Thursday night. Start throwing around crazy life goal ideas like moving abroad for a year. Keep drinking and imagining our future.

Naturally, call in sick at work on Friday morning.

Not that I care - I hate my job anyway. Two advils and a large glass of water later, the head is feeling better. And also slightly busy with the expat idea.

Cue September 2008.

An overweight suitcase, a shiny new passport and no regrets later, sais boyfriend and I embark on a life-changing journey. Destination: London!

365 days filled with cider-blurred evenings, endless cups of tea, many damp socks and a new-found obsession for travel. I visited many corners of not only my adopted country, but also continent. It was only after a very heartfelt tear-attack that I left my shoebox-sized Camden flat for my Montreal home.

Cue February 2011.

Now-fiancé gets a seemingly innocent phone call that would soon change our lives. “Hey, want to move to France to work for a multinational company?”

Hell yes.

Since then, my how husband and I are living the expat life in France, eating our weight in baguettes and wine, and exploring the country’s every corner.

Where to next? I have no idea. All I know is that Europe is where I belong, and I have a lifetime left to discover it.

Are you in?