Bucket List

Got passport, will travel!

While I’m a big fan on spontaneity and living on a day to day basis, being an avid traveler can have the downside of wanting to see and do so many things that it can get hard to keep track. This bucket list serves that exact purpose

  1. Take a picture with a pilot in the flight cabin
  2. See the Northern Lights
  3. See a play at the Shakespeare Theatre
  4. Have a traditional afternoon tea     done!
  5. Horse ride in the countryside
  6. Drive the east coast of Lake Léman between Lausanne and Montreux   done!
  7. Taste Scandinavia in Stockholm or Copenhagen    done!
  8. See the Mont-Blanc in Chamonix   - done!
  9. See the biggest roman aqueduct in Europe, the Pont du Gard   done!
  10. Tour the walled city of Carcassonne    - done!
  11. Picnic at Cape Saint-Vincent in Portugal
  12. Explore Mont Saint-Michel  - done!
  13. Experience the Croatian beaches and walled city of Dubrovnik
  14. Tour the Loire Valley castles   - done!
  15. Buy a Burberry trench coat at the Burberry flagship store in London
  16. Attend a show at the Moulin Rouge
  17. Stroll through the Marqueyssac Gardens
  18. Climb a mountain    done!
  19. Drive through (and taste!) a wine road in France   done!
  20. Cook a traditional Italian dinner on location
  21. Get an upgrade to first-class seats
  22. Bike through Holland   done!
  23. See the white cliffs of Dover    - done!
  24. Fly the Airbus A380  - done!
  25. Admire Dunnottar Castle
  26. Be fluent in Spanish
  27. Attend a European soccer game final
  28. Ride a gondola in Venice
  29. Find my ancestor’s village    done!
  30. Roadtrip in Ireland  - done!
  31. Cross Abbey Road
  32. Fill up a passport before it expires
  33. Sleep in a castle
  34. See the Étretat Cliffs in Normandy   - done!
  35. Ride a hot-air balloon
  36. Picnic on the Champ-de-Mars  - done!
  37. Cruise in the Norway fjords   d0ne!

That should keep me busy for awhile.