Capture the Colour - European Edition

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The concept is pretty simple, really. 5 colors. 5 photos. Pick your favorite!


capture the colour

Italian lasagna… yes please!

A picture really is worth a thousand words, isn’t it? Think of the deliciously fresh tomato sauce, the squeeky fresh, melted mozzarella cheese and the handmade pasta exploding in flavors on your tongue…

You’ll thank me later for the lasagna craving you’re now suffering of.


Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh

As you may know, I’m a terrible hiker. Even on the most insignificant mountains - or slopes, for that matter. And Arthur’s Seat was not exception. I hated every minute of my way up! But every time I do push my lazy self up the hill, I’m reminded that views like these are always worth the effort, and sweat.

I love how the clouds and skies reflect on the plaque in this shot. Arthur’s Seat isn’t that big of a mountain - Mont Blanc is much bigger, trust me! But because of its unique location overlooking the whole city of Edinburgh and the North Sea, it really does feel like we’re on top of the world Scotland.

And of course, after each climb, I make a big fuss of rewarding myself with a big ice cream cone later on. Positive reinforcement, you know.


Snowy Hyde Park, London

That’s one of my most cherished travel memories. Call me Canadian, but damn it if I don’t love me a good snowstorm.

London isn’t notorious for its heavy snowfall - more like it’s everlasting, thick layer of gray clouds. But on this beautiful February day of 2009, the city was blessed (or cursed, depends on who you ask) with a beautiful blanket of snow. It seemed like every adult had forgot about his/her responsibilities and opted to dance in the snow, or built questionably-shaped snowman. Hyde Park was quite a sight on that day, and I’ll always remember how special it was.


Sunset behind Big Ben

Another London photo in this contest, but I couldn’t help it - I have over 5,000 photos of this amazing place! I took this one while I was on my way back to the hotel after a long day exploring, and just stopped for a minute to enjoy one of London’s epic sunsets - trust me, when the sun comes out in the capital, people notice, and appreciate it! I love how we can guess the silhouette of the Houses of Parliament, and how the colours sort of blend together, and reflect on the Thames.

A moment of peace in the heart of the most exciting city of the world.


Cheeky leprechauns

Ireland is well known for its plethora of stories, tales and superstitions. Who doesn’t love these bearded, mischievous little men? And judging by the amount of leprechaun-related items in Irish souvenir stores, these creatures are not only popular but also incredibly profitable for the economy! I can’t say I’ve had the chance to meet an actual leprechaun, but I guess stuffed ones do the trick.

And no, I don’t know where the chocolate leprechaun I bought has gone. I admit NOTHING.

What’s your favorite photo in this Capture the Colour contest? Favorite colour, or story?

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20 Responses to “Capture the Colour - European Edition”

  1. Jeremy Branham

    28. Jul, 2012

    My favorite one for this one is Arthur’s seat because I have a huge love of Scotland. My second favorite is the green for Ireland. I’ve got a connection to that place and can’t wait to visit!

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  2. Katherina

    28. Jul, 2012

    Yellow is my favorite one (obviously!). I think I´m soon going to join the Capture the Color as well… it should be fun to go through all the pictures and bring back all the good memories :)

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    • Marie-Eve Vallieres

      30. Jul, 2012

      I can tag you if you want - I’d love to see your photos!

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  3. Annette | Bucket List Journey

    28. Jul, 2012

    I love the white, even though I’m glad I’m not there right now. Looks way too chilly for me :)

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    • Marie-Eve Vallieres

      30. Jul, 2012

      Surprisingly it’s never very cold when it snows - only around -5 degrees. Which to me, a Canadian, isn’t cold at all :P

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  4. Digging the blue and yellow shots!

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  5. Laurence

    29. Jul, 2012

    Love the angle on the blue shot :D

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  6. Jeff Titelius

    30. Jul, 2012

    These are beautiful pics!! Love, love, love “Yellow”!!!! Green is too cute as well!! Good luck my friend in the contest!!

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  7. Mmmm… lasagna

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  8. Awww I love the white photo… a Canadian just can’t last that long in Australia I think

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    • Marie-Eve Vallieres

      08. Aug, 2012

      Exactly - too long without snow is not natural for a Canadian!

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  9. Aude

    05. Aug, 2012

    The white one is definitely my favorite! What a beautiful shot. I love the angle of the blue one too — I’ve hiked to Arthur’s seat, the view is breathtaking! I can’t look at the red one for too long, it makes me too hungry, lol. When visiting a place, I try to bring home something crafty, traditional, not-mass-produced as a souvenir, but those leprechauns are really cute — I think I’ll adopt one when I finally get to go to Ireland.
    Thanks for sharing these photos!

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  10. Alexandra

    18. Aug, 2012

    Love the BLUE shot!

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