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Goodbye London - Luke Jackson (mostly filmed in Camden)


Thanks to Rachella for sharing it on her blog!

News and updates


Some of you might have noticed some changes to the blog since last week. I added some sharing options which can be found at the end of each post. You can now tweet, digg, rss or facebook my posts and share them anywhere  you like.

I’m also preparing a very, very long post on my backpacking itinerary.

Last but definitely not least, I’m working on a Calendar feature which will gather events and festivals of interest in Europe throughout the year. And my travel photos are on the way too. So stick around and in the mean time, feel free to comment my posts or email me suggestions.



About my travel reports and itineraries


As I write some of my travel reports, I realize that my interests are somewhat different from the average traveller.

The way I travel is pretty simple: I walk. I walk around the city, enjoying the sights, the architecture, the people, the atmosphere.  My favorite travel expression is “getting there is half the fun“, because really, it is.

My itinerary suggestions and travel reports are so short because I don’t like to spend half my trip in a museum, learning things that don’t have much to do with where I am.

I find it to be the most cost-efficient way of travelling because I don’t spend ridiculous fares to enter famous museums and I don’t pay transportation to get to everywhere because time is running.

You should try that at least once. Walk around and appreciate your surroundings, feel the atmosphere of the city.


Hello there,

Welcome to my blog.

As the title suggests, you will find here do’s and don’ts on travelling in Europe in various situations and on various subjects.  I also have a guilty pleasure in making Top Lists of anything so expect a lot of that too.

As I’ve lived in the United Kingdom for a while, it will be my main focus.  You can see to which other countries I’ve been to on the map, I will make sure to talk about those too. I will certainly write about places I want to go to as well, as I’ve already started planning my next trip to Europe.

You are welcome and strongly encouraged to leave comments and ask questions.