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Top 10: Natural Wonders of Great Britain


Jurassic Coast - courtesy of WikiCommon

1. Jurassic Coast, Dorset, England

Because it’s just so outstandingly beautiful. Period. Nothing quite compares to that.

2. Fingal’s Cave, Inner Hebrides, Scotland

Because it’s intriguing. Remote. And kind of creepy.

3. Loch Ness, Highlands, Scotland

Because it’s a milestone. And Nessie has yet to be found.

4. Ben Nevis, Highlands, Scotland

Lake District - Courtesy of WikiCommons

Because no mountains come even close to beat this Highlands jewel.

5. Dover Cliffs, Kent, England

Because it is quite unique and because it’s visible from France.

6. Isle of Wight, England

Because of its accessibility and its quaintness.

7. Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh, Scotland

Because it’s a great hiking activity and because of the view on top - the sea, the city, the country, all at once.

Arthur's Seat - courtesy of WikiCommons

8. Shropshire Hills, Shropshire, England

Because it’s such a picturesque and authentic landscape of England.

9. Dan Yr Ogof, Powys,Wales

Because it is a mysterious attraction in a beautiful national park setting.

10. Lake District, Cumbria, England

Because it’s a classic retreat destination, even for Britons.


Do you guys agree with this list? Would you change anything? What are your favorite wonders?

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London 10 Quirky Places


Top 5 reasons why I love London Buses


Courtesy of WikiCommons

1. They’re just so freaking cool.

2. Recognizable all around the world, it’s a classic tourist photo of London.

3. Possibility of off-the-beaten-path-kind-of sightseeing when sitting on the top floor.

4. They’re so cheap to use! (when compared to the Tube or other)

5.Tourist reason: there are vocal and visual announcements of what the next stop is, therefore voiding any reason not to take the bus.