Chasing the comic strips in Brussels

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There is no such thing as going to Brussels without a good dose of fries, chocolate, and most importantly, comic strips. That’s what I’ve been told.

If it were just me, I would’ve changed the order. I’ll let you guess which one comes first for me!

But indeed, I thought that going on a self-guided walk around Brussels in search of the prettiest comic strip was a great way to spend a few hours in the capital, if only to burn all the extra calories. And I have to admit that even though I’m no comic aficionado, I enjoyed myself immensely, stumbling on a new piece every now and then.

Belgian Comic Strip Center

This is technically the most logical place to start the trek. The museum is loaded with information about the most classical comics in the world, from Tintin to the Smurfs to Marsupilami, in a mix of permanent and temporary exhibitions spread over 4000 m², that relates the history of comics from the very beginnings to the latest innovations. This is definitely THE place to learn more about Belgium being the Kingdom of Comics - more than 700 comic artists live here!

Brussels Comic Strip trail

Afficher Brussels Comic Strip trail sur une carte plus grande

This map was prepared by the tourist board and it was the most precious tool I had to explore the different comic strips, which are spread all around the Grand Place in the oldest part of Brussels. It features the most well-known ones, but also some of the newest, or often left aside ones, that are worth checking out nonetheless. Make sure to have a closer look at the map to highlight the ones that YOU want to see - there are so many, it’s easy to forget some of them!

A few photos of the comic strips


Tintin boutique

Now that you know all about the comic strips, and have seen the best of them, why not pay a visit to the boutique dedicated to perhaps the most famous one of all, and buy a few souvenirs? This is one of the best souvenir boutique I’ve ever been in, with high-quality picks and a large selection, both in items and in prices.

I may still not be a huge fan of comics in general, but chasing the comics strips in Brussels was a highlight of my time in the city. I wouldn’t go as far as saying that I enjoyed it more than chocolate and waffles - you know me better than that - but it’s still a very fun thing to do. If only to see the most quirky ones!

Disclaimer: I was a guest of Visit Flanders and As always, all opinions and chocolate references are my own.

Have you been on a comic strips walk in Brussels? What was your favorite? 


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9 Responses to “Chasing the comic strips in Brussels”

  1. Pascale

    07. Dec, 2012

    I ‘ve got the same kind of pictures… but with two differences: my two daughters in front of the walls and the characters! It was a funny week-end!

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    • Marie-Eve Vallieres

      07. Dec, 2012

      I think I’ll have to wait a decade or so before I have these pictures ;)

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  2. John Williams

    14. Dec, 2012

    BD is big in Belgium. Even the Autoroute Safety Posters refer to Bob, the popular guy who doesn’t drink alcohol so that his passengers can have a fab time. He is from the Bob and Bobette comic strip.
    My personal favourite murals are the TinTin featured here. Among those not featured here are: Cubitus, Le Chat and Odilon Verjus.

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    • Marie-Eve Vallieres

      17. Dec, 2012

      I’ll have to rent a car and explore the Belgian motorways then :)

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  3. Very interesting. Never knew about this before.

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    • Marie-Eve Vallieres

      03. Jan, 2013

      Better keep this in mind for your next trip then :)

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  4. Cheryl

    26. Dec, 2012

    Love Brussels and the comics! Such cute quirk about the city. :)

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