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Welcome to Marie’s travel tips and travel resources page. Because my mission is to inspire people to travel, I decided to create this page in the hopes of proving that with a little bit of planning, it is possible to be adventurous and explore the world. This page holds all the precious secrets and tricks I’ve learned the hard way throughout my years of travelling abroad. Happy reading and happy travels!


I’ve put together a longish Europe packing list, in which I list every single item I pack in my suitcase whenever I jet off to a new metropolis on the Old Continent.

My Europe Travel Packing List

My Carry-On Packing List


europe travel tips


Photography plays a huge part in the reasons why I travel so much. You can probably tell by now, if you’ve been following this blog for a while, that I enjoy photography immensely, be it with my dSLR or my trusty iPhone. Here are a few articles I published on the topic:

5 Things You Need to Take More Photos Of 

Improve Your Technique

A Series of Europe Photo Essays



The fear of traveling often comes from lack of knowledge. The unknown can indeed be scary at times! But as a seasoned traveller myself, I aim to help neophytes plan their dream eurotrip by sharing the lessons I learned the hard way.

My Favourite Hostels in Europe

6 Tips for Booking All-Inclusive Package in the Canary Islands

5 Things You Should Know About Budget Airlines in Europe

How to Stay in Europe Without a Visa (Legally, of Course)

My Favourite Places in Europe in Springtime

5 Ways to Eat for Cheap

Planning an Epic European Road Trip?

Low Cost Airlines – 5 Ways To Avoid Extra Fees


europe travel tips


A lot of the people I talk to back at home don’t travel either because they are terrified of leaving their comfortable nest, or because they are wildly uninformed about travel in general. As a travel blogger, my goal is to inspire these people to pack up their suitcase and jet off to Europe in order to build lifelong memories, but also to explore and discover the vast, dense history of this continent, from Norway to Portugal, from Poland to Ireland.

The Not-So-Obvious Benefits of Traveling

My Travel Guilty Pleasures 

#WeGoSolo: Happily Married, and Traveling Solo

The Challenges of Being a Couple Abroad

14 things I hate about travel

europe travel tips


Things I’m Doing Wrong As An Expat In France

Quick Guide on Getting Married in France

Traveling in France – My Personal Tips

The Ups and Downs of Living in France

Moving To London: What You Need To Know

Next time I return to the UK, I will…


If you have questions about travelling to Europe, please contact me and I’ll be happy to help the best I can.