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With some 1,400 years of tumultuous history and splendor, Venice is a city that merits serious exploration - and in style.

Venice’s majesty has made the city the ideal setting for a number of classic movies allowing visitors to absorb the magic for themselves alongside its canals and along its mysterious walkways. With frequent flights to Venice,  anyone can feel like a glamorous film star and explore and unwind in the sumptuous hotels and eateries - for a fraction of the price!

Composed of 117 small islands, 150 canals and 410 bridges, going around Venice is best done by boat - yes, even the touristy boat with the typical exuberant Italian gondola driver.

For a most memorable and unique entrance to the Floating City, arrive in style in a river taxi from the airport - seing the cityscape arise from the water as you approach is unforgettable, and you’ll be glad you picked this option. When one goes to Venice, one should indulge!

Film enthusiasts should wander through the enchanting squares and along peaceful canals and discover scenes of some of the world’s most celebrated movies including the beautifully eerie Don’t Look Now, Death in Venice and the Wings of the Dove among many others.

For those more interested in the older art form of theatre, experience the treasured glamour of Venetian culture during the Carnival, which usually takes place in January. Alternatively, theatregoers will be spoilt for choice by the thriving year-round theatre and opera scene. Don’t miss the atmospheric Musica a Palazzo with nightly operatic performances from some of the world’s greatest performers set in an ancient mansion overlooking the Grand Canal. Shakespeare fans should explore the Campo del Ghetto Nuovo, the Jewish quarter where The Merchant of Venice’s character Shylock must have done business.

Art aficionados will be in for their fill, too, as they will uncover Venetian treasures to rival those of Rome and Florence with galleries well laid out and set in buildings, which are works of art in their own right.

When preparing for a visit to Venice, bear in mind the city has a strong history of prosperity and it expects its visitors to look the part. Ensure that you are at your finest to gain entry to chic bars and restaurants, including legendary Harry’s Bar, where you can people watch to your heart’s content in these enchanting surroundings. You know you want to!

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Have you been to Venice? What are your best tips to enjoy the city at its fullest?



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