Monday’s Postcard: Amsterdam, Holland

Posted on 14. Nov, 2011 by in Destinations, Europe Travel, Netherlands, Photo Posts

Amsterdam has such a great vibe to it, to me it’s almost like a magnet. I even wrote a whole post about it! I’ve only been once, but I dream about the day I will go back (most likely next fall to enjoy the beautiful colors).

Here’s a photo I took when I was there in May 2009, in front of the Tulip Museum on Prinsengracht. I made a quick visit before I went to Anne Frank Huis, and I loved it. Enter the museum to learn more about the traditions of tulips in Holland, and buy some bulbs for your own garden! Make sure to get them in the fall though, because bulbs planted after the fall will not flourish in the spring.

I particularly like the part of the museum that’s on the canal - so representative of the Amsterdam life! I wish it was just as easy to move there forever…

Amsterdam’s Tulip Museum

Have you been to Amsterdam’s tulip museum? Did you like Amsterdam?


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3 Responses to “Monday’s Postcard: Amsterdam, Holland”

  1. Katherina

    15. Nov, 2011

    For some reason, I’ve so far always managed to go to Amsterdam during cold weather with lots of rain (plus 3 of the 4 times were for work, so it wasn’t quite the same thing!). However, I find the streets and the canals so charming… specially those that are further away from the city center, those that escape the drug tourists! Even coffee shops are much more cute and individual :)

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  2. Sandra

    16. Nov, 2011

    I’m also a big fan of Amsterdam. I’ve been several times and I always enjoy it!

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  3. Spencer

    18. Nov, 2011

    I love Amsterdam it is such a cool place to visit. I love the food there as well. Especially the frites!

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