Sunrise in Frankfurt, Germany

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Did anyone say missed opportunity? During my backpacking trip in 2009, I had planned on spending a day in Frankfurt and admiring its beautiful medieval town and markets. However, life had decided differently. After an exhausting night train ride from Prague, I arrived in Frankfurt in the early hours of morning, feeling kind of odd. Runny nose, sore throat, light head… things didn’t look up. I quickly realized that the only sightseeing I would be making was from my hotel room, an hour away from the city.

So in the end, all I got to see is the sunrise. At least it was really beautiful!

Sunrise in Frankfurt

I did end up spending the next 36 hours in my hotel room bed, praying to God I would be whisked on one of the beautiful, relaxing sunny islands. No exactly what I had pictured.

Have you been to Frankfurt? Did you get to watch the sunrise in Frankfurt or were you luckier than me and got to see more?


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  1. Frankfurt was the first European city I ever visited! I unknowingly ended up in a hostel right in the centre of the red light district… I think I saw more than I wanted to.

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