The Gothenburg Archipelago, Sweden - In Photos

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Sometimes, when you travel, it doesn’t take much to build wonderful souvenirs.

And on that day, all I needed was a short cruise, bright sunshine and the brisk Swedish air beating me around the face softly brushing against my cheeks. It. Was. Perfect.

Also, there was a sled dog on board. And you know how I feel about pets. While the archipelago is quite impressive and beautiful, the happiness I felt may or may not have been caused solely by aforementioned canine presence.


Cutest, fluffiest sled dog EVER! If we wasn’t 150 pounds heavy I would’ve hid him in my purse and taken him home with me.

Now, back to the important things. The archipelago.

Honestly, it was great. It’s not nearly as impressive as a cruise in Norway, mind you - but it’s just as enjoyable, for different reasons. It’s more peaceful. As where in Norway your brain goes into overload thinking ‘how can such scenery even exist, OMG OMG OMG‘, in the Gothenburg archipelago, you relax, you unwind (har-de-har), you take in the Swedish conversations babbling around you. You wonder what it’s like to live in a seaside cabin, and you realize that the myth about Swedish people being in love with their land isn’t a lie - it’s entirely true.

And I can definitely understand why now.

Good to know:

  • Getting there: from central Gothenburg, hop on the 11 Tram towards Saltholmen, where you will alight for the ferry.
  • Free of charge if you have a transportation pass or Visit Gothenburg card.
  • The cruise takes around 2 hours.
  • The Southern part of the archipelago is well-known for its Norse legends.

Disclaimer: I was a guest of Visit Goteborg and As always, all opinions and adorable sled dog photos are my own.

Have you been in the Gothenburgh Archipelago? What was your favorite sight?


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