Monday’s Postcard: Ile-de-Ré, France

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I visited La Rochelle and Ile-de-Ré earlier this year and even though I didn’t have high expectations, I was pleasantly surprised by both the laid-back attitude of the region and the luxuriant nature in and around the islands. This poppy field near the Abbaye des Châteliers ruins, on Ile-de-Ré, was simply too beautiful not to share.

The abbay was built in the 15th century was destroyed several times throughout its history, but the fatal blow is due to a protestant attack in the 18th century, during the French war of religions.  It is now a protected building and is incredibly peaceful, only animated by the odd visitor and the sound of the nearby waves clashing on the docks.

Abbaye des Châteliers, Ile-de-Ré

Have you been to Ile-de-Ré? What was your favorite sight or thing to do?

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