The Cologne Love Bridge - in Photos

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Cheesy, or awfully romantic?

I can’t seem to pick a side. These love tokens are spreading throughout Europe like padlocks are going out of style, from Paris to Florence and, halfway in between, in Cologne. Regardless of one’s opinion on the matter though, objectively, it’s a pretty freaking impressive sight.

love bridge cologne

40,000 padlocks in all their technicolor glory, and, what I presume to be a highly metallic stretch of the Rhine River - because tradition says once you’ve locked the lock on the bridge’s fence, you have to throw away the key in the river under it.

A lot of people criticize these love locks, claiming that it ruins the architectural heritage of a given landmark - in this case, the Hohenzollern Bridge, one of the busiest rail bridges in Europe. Others, like me, think it’s an original and quirky form of urban art.

While I understand how some people would find this romantic, I couldn’t bring myself to justify the expense of a padlock when I can get a decadently sweet cupcake and vanilla latte instead. There’s no questioning which one of these options I would pick, given the choice!

Have you seen the love bridge in Cologne, or love locks elsewhere in the world? What are your thoughts on this tradition?


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4 Responses to “The Cologne Love Bridge - in Photos”

  1. Julika

    18. Feb, 2013

    Great photos! I still haven’t made my mind up on love padlocks either, but they sure are an impressive urban sight.
    Cologne was one of the first cities where this became hugely popular, but I feel like I’m seeing love padlocks pretty much on every walkable bridge in Europe lately… so they do get a little old eventually. However, I’m always taking pictures of them too :)

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  2. Barbara

    01. Apr, 2014

    In Paris these locks are actually causing damage to some bridges and there is concern about the collective weight of these locks causing an accident…think of tourists on the “Bateaux-Mouches” – the glass boats getting hit with a couple hundred kilos of falling metal.

    Sign the No Love Locks petition today.

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