My Beautiful Auvergne, a Photo Essay

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After living in Auvergne for a few months (and learning more about the French culture), I have come to look back on the many little places I discovered during the sunny days of summer and fall. While the region is often overlooked by tourist, I can’t stress enough how worthwhile and amazing it is, and still very untouched by the often overwhelming tourist industry. Not familiar with the region? Have a look at this photographic odyssey through my beautiful Auvergne.

Let’s start with Auvergne’s capital city: Clermont-Ferrand. Also my current hometown! Important sights include Lecoq Gardens, the famous Michelin museum, Plateau de Gergovie, Place de Jaude, Place de la Victoire & the outstanding Clermont cathedral, built with dark volcanic stones. I especially love Place de la Victoire with its beautiful terraces and big trees.

Striking black cathedral of Clermont and lively Rue des Gras in the Old Town (with pointy Puy-de-Dome in the background)

Place de Jaude in Clermont-Ferrand

Clermont-Ferrand as seen from Parc Montjuzet (with Plateau de Gergovie in the background)

The view from Plateau de Gergovie

Clermont-Ferrand, and Auvergne for that matter, wouldn’t be the same without the famous Chaîne des Puys, the volcano chain that surrounds the eastern part of the region (which I hiked). The volcanoes are dormant but not extinct, and yes, Clermont-Ferrand would be the first to be eradicated off the map in case of an eruption.

Driving back to Clermont-Ferrand and admiring the Chaîne des Puys

A bit further up north is the beautiful, relaxing city of Vichy. I visited there during my honeymoon and it was very enjoyable.

Beautiful Vichy

There are lots of cute villages in the region, all of which are great contributors to my ever-growing collection of photos of Auvergne. I particularly loved Orcival and Saint-Saturnin, as well as Puy-en-Velay.

Saint-Saturnin and the roman chuch of Orcival

Cute sights in the villages

The surprising cityscape of Puy-en-Velay

And a series of photos of Auvergne wouldn’t be complete without its beautiful castles. I only visited a handful, but there were very much worth the short drive.

Château de Cordès on top and Château de La Rochelambert on the bottom

That’s only a small sampling of the many interesting sights in the region - I have many more left on my list that I can’t wait to discover (namely VulcaniaChâteau de Val and cheese tasting in Saint-Nectaire)! For more information on stays in Auvergne, please consult the super useful site of Auvergne Tourism.

Have you visited Auvergne before? Do you also have great photos of Auvergne? Have you been to lesser known regions of France?


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9 Responses to “My Beautiful Auvergne, a Photo Essay”

  1. Angela

    01. Dec, 2011

    Beautiful pictures, France truly has wonderful spots!

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  2. Louis London

    01. Dec, 2011

    What a wonderful collection of photos, just very pleasant!

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  3. What stunning pictures! I just returned from France and I’m already wanting to return!!!

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  4. Abby

    03. Dec, 2011

    You took so many wonderful photos!!

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  5. Culture-ist

    09. Dec, 2011

    Absolutely stunning! We’ve been looking to visit France in the next year and Auvergne looks like a fantastic stop during our travels.

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  6. It looks so charming!!

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  7. Bella

    22. Apr, 2012

    Wow a little peace of heaven.
    Thank you for taking the time ,could just be the place I choose to live in a couple of years time.

    Reply to this comment
  8. david

    22. Nov, 2013

    Wow, what a great collection. I really enjoyed the Black Cathedral of Clermont, truly stunning.

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