My Travel Guilty Pleasures

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Whether you are a frequent traveler or a one-week-abroad-per-year kind of person, there’s no getting away from it. We are all human beings, each with our own quirks.

Some adorable, some strange, some… plain embarrassing.

You know what I’m talking about. Serial thief of toiletries or over-achiever at breakfast, I’m talking to you! We are all affected by this condition in some way. What are my travel guilty pleasures, you ask? Let’s see…

Walk into every Starbucks I see

For some reason, there’s just something inside of me that goes AOPJFDEIOFGNE!!!!!! anytime I see a Starbucks abroad. Maybe it’s the association of coffee, free wifi and restrooms that make me so giddy and absolutely powerless, maybe it’s a combination of these three things. Maybe it’s also the feeling of being just a little bit at home, even though I’m 5000 kilometers away.

travel guilty pleasures

Watch late afternoon TV

Because I‘m too cheap for strongly dislike taxis and I’m a firm believer that cities are best seen on foot, I tend to walk quite a bit on my travels. I usually manage to round up a good 8 kilometers per day. Because I am not Super Woman nor a supersonic robot, fatigue eventually sets in, and it gets to a point where all I want to do is lay on the hotel bed for an hour or two. That’s usually when I notice the remote next to said bed, tempting and full of possibilities. Next thing I know I’m watching an old rerun of Friends.

Stuff my face at breakfast

If French Canadians had middle names, mine would be glutton. I’m not even kidding. While I am by no means obese, I’m not super thin either, and that’s ok - because I would never give up food for a size 0. So you can imagine my enjoyment whenever the hotel’s breakfast is a big, heaven-sent, tasty buffet filled with fresh fruits, BACON, smoothies, BACON, croissants, and, well, BACON. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right?


That’s something I tend to do anywhere I go (you do it too, don’t try and tell me otherwise), but that turns out to be especially enjoyable abroad, and, on some level, completely guilt-free. For research purposes, you know. Very few things make me more happy when I travel than sitting on a terrace with my sunnies on, glass of rosé at hand, and simply observe the people passing by. A fascinating experience, every time.

Instagram ALL the photos

As you may know, I’m terrible at decision-making, especially when it involves photography. My iPhone is my best friend when I’m on the road, and that means hundreds of photos are taken every day. I then select a few, edit them, and share them on my Instagram feed all while trying to come up with a decent and interesting prose or fun fact about what’s depicted in the photo. This isn’t bad per se. What’s bad is how many I share! But is there such a thing as an overload of photos of Europe, really?

What are YOUR travel guilty pleasures - fully assumed or absolutely embarrassing?


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13 Responses to “My Travel Guilty Pleasures”

  1. Julika

    27. Mar, 2013

    I must admit my guilty pleasures on the road are very similar! I go to Starbucks, because I know they have nice restrooms too. And when it comes to breakfast buffets at the hotel / hostel: I always eat as much as I possibly can. It’s probably the miserly German in me, but I paid for breakfast and if I’m full for a while I won’t have to spend money on lunch :) And besides that, I really love a good breakfast!

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    • Marie-Eve Vallieres

      28. Mar, 2013

      Same here - I do not like to see an opportunity go to waste, and therefore I tend to overeat at breakfasts. And as you said, that way I don’t have to buy lunch!

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  2. I’m a firm believer in afternoon naps while travelling.

    I like getting up early to see the place wake up and get a jump on sightseeing, and of course staying out late with the locals is a great way to get to know a city.

    The post-lunch nap is key to doing everything I want to do without collapsing!

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  3. Jenna

    27. Mar, 2013

    My guilty pleasures are people watching and taking too many photos too. I try to limit myself, but I always seem to post too many instagram photos as well-it’s too hard not to! Another thing I have to do is buy a Christmas tree ornament in every new place we go-it’s silly, bu something my parents started when I was young, so I decided to keep it up!

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  4. Aggy

    28. Mar, 2013

    Haha I love BACON and more BACON too :D
    Lovely post!

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    • Marie-Eve Vallieres

      28. Mar, 2013

      There’s a saying that I love “You either love bacon, or you’re wrong”. You can probably relate to that. :)

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  5. Cheryl

    28. Mar, 2013

    I definitely am guilty of the Instagram one whenever I travel! :)

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  6. Andrea

    30. Mar, 2013

    Definitely eating and drinking so much that my clothes don’t fit by the time I have to go home…

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    • Marie-Eve Vallieres

      08. Apr, 2013

      Working on that - my pants are indeed a little tight!

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  7. Rose

    12. Jun, 2014

    Not sure this is a guilty pleasure, but it’s something I do every time I travel.

    I like buying postcards. I like sitting in cafés, park benches, restaurants, etc. and writing these postcards. I actually always write one to myself. Then I find a post office and mail them.

    This actually serves many purposes:
    -I get to people watch as I write.
    -I explore neighbourhoods that I may not plan to visit, usually because I’m in search of a post office.
    -I get mail, with a foreign stamp and postmark, when I return home.
    -The postcard is like a mini-travel journal of that moment when I wrote it. Which I forget about until I receive it after my trip and read it. (eg. the one I sent myself from somewhere in Italy reminded me of the really good dessert I had in the café down the street from a museum. But it also reminded me of the really cute Italian waiter in the café).

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