Thursday’s Travel Links


Gary over at Everything Everywhere lists 20 things he learned while travelling, available on the Huffington Post.

Matt asks is we are too wired while traveling.

East, West, North or South of Europe? Slate explains.

Ever wondered what McDonald’s is like abroad? These are the 10 most unusual ones.

UK’s best castles according to the Guardian’s readers.

10 songs for your London playlist. Catchy.

The Telegraph suggests a few walking festivals to attend in Britain this autumn.

Most photogenic cities according to Traveling Canucks.

Surprise! Rick Steves has a daughter… who likes to travel.

Andrew over at Brooklyn Nomad shares 10 tips on purchasing travel insurance.

Where in the world are the pickpockets?

Want to volunteer during the 2012 London Olympics? Clickie!

Amanda from A Dangerous Business blogs on Adventurous Kate’s blog: When a travel blogger is stuck at home.

Heather travels to Mont-Blanc.

This time on Gadling, Matt lists 10 essential items to pack when travelling.

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  2. Merci bien for the mention of my Mont Blanc adventures - more articles and vidoes still to come from my 3 day walk along the Tour de Mont Blanc

  3. Marie says:

    You’re most welcome. I can’t wait to read the remaining articles!

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