Why Should You Include Gibraltar on Your Next Spanish Vacation?

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While you’re in Southern Spain, it might be a great time investment to spend a day in this lovely British Island.

There are several things to do on the Rock, but the most popular is without a doubt visiting the Macaques on the Upper Rock. They are used to human interactions so don’t hesitate to touch them gently. They might even climb on you!

Baby monkeys in Gibraltar

Animal lovers will be happy to learn that there are plenty of dolphins in the Bay of Gibraltar - and it’s really not a hassle to get to. There are many tours that will provide a shuttle service for around £GIP 25.

You can also explore the Siege Tunnel, which was used as a defense system during the Great Siege, when Spain and France tried to capture Gibraltar from Great Britain in the 1700s. While in exploration mode, you can visit  the nearby St Michaels cave.

For adventurers, you can climb the Mediterranean Steps to get on top of the rock to get excellent panoramas of Europa Point, where the Atlantic ocean meets the Mediterranean sea. On clear days, you can even get a glimpse of Morocco, only 15km away. If your knees won’t allow you to go uphill by yourself (or if you would rather keep your energy to enjoy the view…), you can always take the cable car at little cost.

However, once the sun sets in Gibraltar, it’s a totally different atmosphere, and not necessarily in a good way. Remember that Gibraltar is an industrial place due to the Strait of Gibraltar, so be careful if you have to stay overnight. I strongly recommend you sleep in La Linéa or even Malaga, as it’s only an hour drive east.

If have enough time on your hands, you can definitely fit in a day-trip to Tangier in Morocco. There is a regular ferry service crossing the Strait of Gibraltar, which only takes 35min. And hey, it doesn’t get more exotic than a daytrip to Morocco, right?

Gibraltar Island

Read the report of my own adventure in Gibraltar here.

Have you been to Gibraltar? What are your recommendations?

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