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Let’s Go Europe Guide

I am sharing today the most resourceful travel companion I had during my adventure in Europe. Its compact format, funny approach and sharp tips have helped me get through all the research I had to do - and even further. Presenting: Let’s Go Travel Guides.

Let’s Go Travel Guides have been helping worldwide frugal travelers for more than 50 years – these guys know what they’re talking about. The young and dynamic (and Harvard undergrads) authors provide valuable tips on both the general and the insider stuff. For example, they will tell you about this art museum in London with free entrance on Tuesday nights and the pub next door that is definitely worth a visit - how great is that?

No nonsense content and a humorous tone (I remember that Top 10 unusual deep-fried items in Scotland) lighten up the heavy reading – because there is such a thing as information overload when planning a eurotrip. Let’s Go Travel Guides have figured this out and they created a basic yet thorough option to rely on.

The book is well designed and easy to browse through: the first part covers all the basic travel information (necessary evil), the large middle part covers the regional trivia and maps, while the remaining pages feature a multiple language dictionary (including key phrases that will cool off these lustful Italian men).

What I like so much about this book is that all the information a traveler might need is filed under a single cover – much better than having 13 guidebooks filling up the souvenir space in your backpack, right?

I highly recommend getting this book because really, it’s a key item. It’s going to be your best friend from the early planning stages to the actual moment where you’re standing on the corner of a street in Prague, unsure where to go next. While this book is a great resource for anyone, I mostly suggest it to extensive travelers who plan on visiting several places during their voyage.

No matter what your concern is, your Let’s Go Travel Guide will be there to help you out. And at this low price, there is no reason for you not to buy it. Really. There isn’t.

Want to get one for yourself? Check out their travel guides list and get one on Amazon.

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  2. Steve says:

    I’ve used Let’s Go guidebooks in the past and I like them. They are easy to use and good reads. I haven’t looked through this one yet, but I should check it out.

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