Travel Report: Côte d’Azur


I went to Côte d’Azur in late April. It was a bit of a last minute spill, really.

I landed at Nice at around 9AM. The landing is quite something, the plane has to turn around over the Mediterranean and land on a tiny tarmac on the beach. It was beautiful. There is a regular bus service (#98) from the airport that gets you to downtown Nice for €4.

I hopped off at the Promenade des Anglais to enjoy the (rocky) beach for a little while. Although the water was very cold, it was my first time at the beach and it couldn’t have been a better experience. Some courageous French men took a swim in tiny Speedos though.  Magnifique.

I wandered around the city for awhile, exploring the market for fresh products to each at lunch. I took the elevator up the Colline du Château to get the best view of the harbor and the city, although there are steps climbing up the hill. Excellent photo opportunity.

Nice's beach and harbour

At around 2PM, I decided to hop on a bus and head to Monaco for the afternoon. The bus route 100  leaves from the bus terminal (Gare Routière, 5, boulevard Jean-Jaure, 06300) and costs only €1. The best bus ride I’ve ever been on. It gets to Monaco by driving through all the small villages along the coastline, allowing the traveler to sit back and to enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

Once in Monaco, I climbed up “the Rock”, where the Palais Princier stands. It is still today the official residence of the Prince of Monaco. It’s quite an interesting palace as it offers different architectural styles, allowing the visitor to witness the Palace’s history.

This hill also over great panoramic views of the harbor but also of the principality.  Another great site in this area is the Monaco Cathedral, which houses the remains of former Prince of Monaco and princess Grace. The Jardin Exotique is also worth a visit, but make sure to have your student card to get the discount (€3.50 entry fee).

A visit to Monaco wouldn’t be complete without a small stop at Monte Carlo’s casino. You can only take a few steps in though, as entry charges are very expensive and the dress code not tourist-friendly. You can either walk there if you have enough time on your hands, or you can take a taxi.

Now, back to Nice. I enjoyed a pizza on the beach at sunset, which was a wonderful moment. But I was glad I had to leave, because the beach’s population seems to get more and more weird as the sun sets. Just be careful if you hang out around there at night, especially if you’re by yourself.

I’m glad I went but I won’t be going back. Maybe I haven’t been at the right time of the year but it just wasn’t fun. Final mark: 3/5

  • Date: April 28th
  • Accommodation: n/a
  • Transportation:  flight London/Nice -  Bus 98 from/to airport - Bus 100 from/to Monaco
  • Food: lunch with fresh products from the market, dinner with take-out pizza on the beach, at sunset.
  • Activities: beach, market, stroll-sightseeing, casino.
  • Total cost of trip: €135, for two people.
  • Appreciation: 3/5
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    2 Responses to “Travel Report: Côte d’Azur”

    1. NiceLife says:

      “I won’t be going back. ..just wasn’t fun. Final mark: 3/5″

      Oh dear. To be honest, you hardly scratched the surface of the Cote d’Azur, you did the same few things every tourist does, you didn’t see 99% of whats here, but youre “not coming back”.

      If the Cote d’Azur were to award you as a visitor marks out of five, how many do you think you would get?

    2. Marie says:

      There are dozens of other places where I hardly scratched the surface and where I happen to definitely want to go back. I just didn’t connect with Cote d’Azur at all, what exactly is wrong with that?

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