Sunday’s I Want To Go To There: Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic


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See? No canals this week. Am so disciplined. Am done with Western Europe. Let’s travel to more mysterious destinations.

Czech Republic is known for its opulent baroque architecture and its beer.  The former is what this post will be about today, although the latter is certainly not to be ignored (neither is the sexy accent).

Cesky Krumlov is located in South Bohemian and is easily reachable by bus from Prague. The 3 hours journey costs around 160 Kc, which is roughly $8 as of today. Some of my friends have made the trip and the report was unanimous - it’s totally worth it.

The most famous thing to see is undoubtedly the town’s castle, part of UNESCO World Heritage (along with the whole Old Town of Cesky Krumlov). It’s the second largest castle in Czech Republic. Plus, the walk through the castle complex is actually free. Do take some time to enjoy the view of the region and admire the red roofs everywhere. A picnic uphill is strongly recommended, although there are some good spots along the river bank down there, with impressive views of the castle. Do not miss Plaštovy Most, the covered bridge that links the theatre to the castle.

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If you’re in town at the right moment, why not attend a Baroque opera, candlelit, at the castle. Due to its condition and age, the theatre offers only two operas a year. Make sure to plan ahead if that’s your cup of tea.

Other interesting sights are, of course, the town’s main square: Namesti Svornosti, quite pretty with pastel facades and terraces. A bit expensive to hang around but incontestably worth a look and a few snaps.

Then you can enjoy the local beer at Pivovar Eggenberg, a 375 years old brewery. And last but not least, make sure to give St.Vitus Church a good look too.

One thing this city has in common with cities featured in this “column” is the strolling thing - there are not that many activities and things to do, but the simple act of walking around is an activity by itself. Enjoy the beautifully maintained architecture and the authenticity of the region, less spoiled by the tourism industry than larger cities of Eastern Europe.


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