Panoramas of Iceland - a Photo Essay

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I’m a firm believer that a picture really is worth a thousand words (and this is coming from an exceedingly talkative person - honestly, sometimes I have trouble just shutting the hell up). Over the years, I’ve published a lot of photo essays on this space, and they consistently are the most popular posts - even months after being published. After all, what better way to inspire people to travel than with alluring photography? But to be fully honest, panoramas were never really my thing. I was never really a huge fan of this format - I always found them difficult to edit, and quite unremarkable once resized for the web.

But again, Iceland proved me wrong.

That damn country just made me rethink my entire travel philosophy - I was completely unprepared for how awe-inspiring, astounding Iceland was going to be. Iceland kept me on my toes, revealing a new splendid side at every turn. And as it turns out, Iceland has plenty of wide open spaces; trust me when I say I was the first one to leave my so-called photography principles behind in order to try and fully capture the beauty of what was laying before me.

From the iceberg-covered Jökulsárlón lagoon to Þingvellir National Park, here are, ladies and gentleman, my panoramas of Iceland.

Don’t forget to click on them to view the full size and enjoy these Icelandic captures at their best ;-)



panoramas iceland

Colorful Reykjavik

Like roughly 99% of tourists flying into Iceland, I started my trip by exploring laid-back, colorful and adorable Reykjavik. I’m very happy I got to wander around the city’s quaint streets and eat at its many delicious restaurants - it’s not my favorite Nordic city but I definitely reckon that Reykjavik’s got charm, despite being in the midst of many changes. I’ll be happy to pop in again in a couple of years to see how the city has evolved.

Golden Circle

And after a short 48 hours in Reykjavik, my pilot and I (I’m an excellent co-pilot, don’t judge!) took to the road and explored Iceland’s famed Golden Circle, going from Þingvellir National Park to Gullfoss waterfall and the famous geysers.

panoramas iceland


panoramas iceland

Þingvellir National Park

panoramas iceland


Route 1 - from Reykjavik to Jökulsárlón

And as speechless as I was after touring Iceland’s famed Golden Circle, I simply wasn’t prepared for the desolate, raw beauty of south Iceland. I am not a huge fan of hiking nor am I often left speechless by landscapes (I much prefer the city hype than dense forests, so to speak) but goddamnit, Iceland, I swear you played a trick on me.

If I had stayed in the country for a couple more days I would have turned into one of those annoying people who wear weather-appropriate clothing and eat trail mix while they climb mountains.

Just kidding. That would mess up my manicure. :-)

(Hey, I was always clear about the fact that I’m a city girl, to be fair).

panoramas iceland


panoramas Iceland


panoramas iceland

Spectacular route 1 - look at those cloud formations!

panoramas iceland

I found this after a random hike along route 1!

panoramas iceland


panoramas iceland


What is your favorite Iceland panorama?


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  1. Pascale Roy

    23. Jan, 2015

    My favorite? I hesitate between Dyrhólaey, Þingvellir National Park and Seljalandsfoss.
    This format is a good choice. You manage to get us into the photo, to have the feeling of being there. Love it. To look on a big screen of course, not on an iPhone! ;-)

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