The faces of Ireland - In Photos

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Ireland is notorious for a lot of things.

But what intrigued me the most what its inhabitants - either of the human or fluffy kind. People often say that traveling is all about the locals we meet on the way, and the unique experiences we share with them. True? I think so.

And since I’m such an animal lover AND somewhat of a misanthropist, snapping away cute animals is alwa one of my favorite thing to do!

photos of ireland

Watcha’ doin’?

Perhaps the favorite icon of Ireland? After Guinness, of course. Sheep really are everywhere - that really isn’t a myth. According to recent studies there are roughly 8 million of them in Ireland. That’s 1.25 sheep per Irish person!

Cute donkey in Dingle

An evening out in Killarney

I had no idea Irish traditional music was THAT popular - I thought it was just a thing that locals did for tourists. But to my big surprise, most of the people in the pubs were Irish people, from every age range, and they were enjoying themselves immensely. I may or may not have attempted to do a traditional Irish dance - apple cider is a very good incentive, I’ll say that!

The troubadour of Killarney

Leprechauns are definitely one of Ireland’s most profitable and popular legends!

The Belfast murals

Belfast was an incredible city. On Hopewell Crescent, in Unionist Belfast, is where you can see the most important series of “The Troubles” murals - and this one in particular was quite special, to say the least. The UFF Member is always looking - and pointing - at you, regardless of where you are. It’s actually quite creepy, but it delivers a very powerful message nonetheless.

This baby dog kept following us around during our guided tour in Derry. We didn’t want to let him go either!

How iconic is this?

Have you ever been to Ireland? What was your favorite thing - hanging out with the Irish or counting the sheep? Which one of these photos of Ireland is your favorite?

Disclaimer: I was a guest of Shamrocker Adventures. As always, all opinions are my own.


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18 Responses to “The faces of Ireland - In Photos”

  1. Katherina

    19. Jul, 2012

    haha love the picture of the sheep - it almost seems like its trying to tell you something….

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  2. roel

    20. Jul, 2012

    That donkey is so cute! Ireland looks great

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  3. Andrea

    21. Jul, 2012

    The Irish are wonderful people - really made us feel welcome when we visited there.

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  4. That puppy is just too darn cute! But where are all the freckle-faced gingers?

    I love the folk music of Ireland, and we’ve actually written a few stories about it on our site. One of my favorites was an interview with Paddy Maloney of the The Chieftains, whom I’ve loved for years and have seen in concert many times.

    Anyway, love the animal pics!

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    • Marie-Eve Vallieres

      30. Jul, 2012

      I have seen very little freckled faces in Ireland, sadly!

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  5. Stephen Trenery

    26. Jul, 2012

    Ireland is great. Full of amazing people, set in a beautiful environment.

    My favorite thing about Ireland has to be the Taverns ;)

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  6. Great set of images… the first one of the sheep is my fav

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    • Marie-Eve Vallieres

      30. Jul, 2012

      Thanks Jade - he was just waiting for me to take his picture!

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  7. David

    05. Aug, 2012

    I’s always very jealous of Ireland and their authentic traditional music pub culture. Whenever you get vaguely traditional music in Scottish drinking establishments it always seems slightly conceited and inauthentic.

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  8. Laurence

    06. Aug, 2012

    Ok, the sheep is fabulous. Love it :D

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  9. Cheryl

    13. Aug, 2012

    I love the first photo! That sheep is adorable. :)

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    • Marie-Eve Vallieres

      30. Aug, 2012

      Thanks Cheryl - it was really looking right me!

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