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The promise of a boutique hostel in London is always appealing. When Palmers Lodge Hillspring offered me a night at their latest property, I was really curious to try it out, considering that I am normally not a hostel person.

Palmers Lodge Hillspring

The hostel reminded me a bit of the Camden student hall I used to live in when I was in London. Perhaps a refurbishment?

The reception area of the hostel is very inviting and bustling with people, as is the outdoor patio, which is available for both drinks in the evening and breakfast in the morning. I really liked the spacious bar area, complete with a pool table and enough seating for all your Facebook friends and their cousins. The atmosphere was very casual and fun.

All very promising and welcoming!

Palmers Lodge Hillspring rooms

I had the chance to be assigned a private room for the night. The rooms are very well designed, with a very comfortable double bed, a built-in wardrobe, a large window, a small television and a private bathroom. I especially loved the fact that the bathroom was a bit elevated from the rest of the room, with two steps separating each - a nice touch.

What I didn’t like about the bathroom though, and that’s a big no-no: non-drinking water. Is this really London, 2012? I believe it is. No one told me it was a temporary thing so I assume it’s a permanent feature of the rooms. As such, this is the only thing I didn’t like about the rooms, but it’s a big problem.

Palmers Lodge Hillspring location

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That was also a problem for me. I really misjudged the distance from the tube station, and I ended up walking for a good 10 minutes before I reached the hostel. While normally not a problem (I am neither a cripple or that out of shape) but I was solo, at 11PM, in what felt like a seedy area of London. That may be my paranoid mind speaking, but that’s nonetheless how I felt. I was really relieved when I found the hostel and couldn’t wait to cross the security gates.

My verdict

Fancy furniture, funky decor, cheap rates and large common areas? Yes please.
Non-drinking water in rooms, shady tube station at night? No thanks.

I would recommend this hostel for people on a very tight budget wishing to stay in London for a few weeks - the fact that the hostel is outside central London is a great way to save some bucks, and it’s actually great value for money. Despite the fact that I fussed over a few things doesn’t mean it’s a bad place - quite the opposite, in fact! I can attest that the Palmers Lodge Hillspring is a GREAT hostel. Just not for me, that’s all!

Disclaimer: I was offered a complimentary stay by Palmers Lodge Hillspring. As always, all opinions are my own.


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