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The Worst and Best of my Backpacking Trip

Posted on 30. May, 2011 by .


Today, I realized it has been two years since my backpacking trip through Europe is over - I came home on May 30th of 2009. Hard to believe it’s so far behind me! But now that I am on a new journey, I decided to celebrate this sort-of anniversary by sharing a few facts about [...]

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Not Just Fries and Mayonnaise in Brussels

Posted on 18. Sep, 2010 by .


We visited Brussels in early May of 2009. It was the first leg of our backpacking trip and we were all very excited, to say the least. The rather early Eurostar ride from London St Pancras was smooth and complemented with mustard fields along the way. Our excitation kept us from sleeping for the whole ride, [...]

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Bruges, Belgium’s Other Great Flemish City

Posted on 06. Jun, 2010 by .


Yet another charming European canal town. It seems like I just can’t get enough of those, but I mean - how am I supposed to resist? Located in north-western Belgium, Bruges’ entire historic town center is a UNESCO World Heritage site because of the prominent medieval architecture, who luckily remained unsoiled throughout the wars.  The [...]

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