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Panoramas of Iceland - a Photo Essay

Posted on 22. Jan, 2015 by .


I’m a firm believer that a picture really is worth a thousand words (and this is coming from an exceedingly talkative person - honestly, sometimes I have trouble just shutting the hell up). Over the years, I’ve published a lot of photo essays on this space, and they consistently are the most popular posts - even […]

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Do’s and Dont’s of an Iceland Road Trip

Posted on 18. Aug, 2014 by .


Let’s just start by stating the obvious: Iceland is amazing. Like, I-almost-didn’t-blink-for-a-week kind of amazing. But the rugged, raw beauty of the country is not something to simply marvel at; it is also something to take into consideration when planning a trip, for Iceland is a land of extreme conditions (you will notice that I […]

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