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Next time I return to the UK, I will…

Next time I return to the UK, I will…

Posted on 15. Nov, 2010 by .


  Find more unique pubs. I wasn’t aware at that time that chain, generic pubs even existed and that they weren’t anywhere near authenticity. I’m on a quest to find waterside pubs and historic pubs. Suggestions? Experience the afternoon tea. I know it’s expensive and terribly old-fashioned, but the afternoon tea is such a quaint [...]

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Discovering a Hidden Gem in Cuenca

Posted on 13. Jul, 2010 by .


  While most people think Cuenca is in Ecuador (well, they’re right - it is), there’s actually another, lesser known homonym. Today’s Cuenca is located in the autonomous Spanish community of Castilla-La Mancha, two hours east of Madrid. It’s truly one of the best surprises I’ve had when exploring Spain. We were not even supposed [...]

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Les châteaux de la Loire

Posted on 08. Feb, 2010 by .


42 châteaux (castles) consists of what is called Les châteaux de la Loire, located in the region of Vallée de la Loire in Central France, 2h south-west of Paris. The following itinerary visits 4 castles of the area. Most of the castles are built in accordance to the Renaissance style, where defence features are transformed into [...]

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