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Les châteaux de la Loire


42 châteaux (castles) consists of what is called Les châteaux de la Loire, located in the region of Vallée de la Loire in Central France, 2h south-west of Paris. The following itinerary visits 4 castles of the area.

Château d'Azay-le-Rideau - by Anne Gauthier

For the initiated, biking your way around would be an excellent idea. For the others, car would be best. You can take the train to Tours and rent a car there. A great way to have lunch would be to pack a picnic in the morning and enjoy it in near a river overviewing a château.

From Tours, head to Villandry where you will find the most beautiful garden of the area.

Now, get to Azay-le-Rideau, one of the oldest Renaissance château of France, which is built directly into the river. It’s probably the best example of a traditionnal French castle.

Château de Chenonceau

Then, drive to Chenonceau, the most magnificent château of the area. It is the second most visited after Versailles. Great spot to have lunch.

You can go to Chambord now. It is the largest château of Vallée de la Loire, where the Louvre’s art colletions were stored during WWII. Take some time to notice the roof details too.

 Finally, head to Talcy see the castle but also to see the impressive windmill. Or go directly to Blois and call it a day. You can take the train back to Paris if your base is there.

It seems like a lot of places for a single day but they are all very close to each other. You will need two days if you want to visit inside every castle but if you don’t plan on doing that, one day is sufficient.

(Photos by Anne Gauthier)

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