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How much does a meal cost in a central London pub?


There are many ways to experience London on the cheap note and one of these ways is to eat lots of meals in pubs (for the benefit of the trip, please don’t check on your cholesterol).

Here’s how much you can expect to pay in a typical London pub.

  • Beer/cider: anywhere from £2 to £5, depending on if you order local or imported brews.
  • Wine: don’t expect a large selection in the average pub. most glasses range at around £4.
  • Spirit: not very popular in the pub scene. don’t expect to pay under £5 but do expect to be pretty much sober.
  • Breakfast: full English breakfast will sell at £10 in a touristy place, £5 elsewhere.
  • Lunch and dinner: many pubs tend to have a 2 for 1 offer or a special £5 menu with the regulars (fish and chips, shepherds pie, jacket potato, etc.). however many other pubs don’t offer that kind of special and sell their regulars at around £10 each for the same size. don’t chose a pub just because of its conveniency - there are dozens of other pubs within walking distance that could have a better quality/price rate.

My two favorites: The Court (W1T 5AD) and The Earl of Camden (NW1 7PN).

Follow the Famous Dick Whittington Ale Trail in London


Perhaps Britain’s most famous trait, the pub scene is to be experienced once (or many, many times)  in a lifetime. Several pub activities exist, but the most fun one is definitely the Ale Trail, otherwise known as a Pub Crawl, which is pretty self explanatory.

The famous Dick Whittington Ale Trail is consisted of 6 routes, each located in different areas of Central London: Theatreland, Soho and Noho, Westminster to Piccadilly, Blackfriars, Financial District and London Bridge to Tower Bridge. There are 6 or 7 pubs per route, carefully selected for their history or their particularities and features.

In order to get a free bonus, make sure to pick up a leaflet at the beginning of your journey, get a stamp, drink your beer and off to the next pub. When you’ve visited 5 pubs, you get a free Dick Whittington t-shirt! It has the name of the pub on the front with its motto and a map of the trail on the back.

It’s a great and somewhat cheap way to discover some of the finest pubs of the city and really take in the world famous pub atmosphere. Plus, there are a lot of sights along the way to it’s kind of a win-win activity.

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