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Travel Report: Rome

  • Date: April 21st-22nd
  • Accommodation: San Jouan Guest House - Via Francesco Berni 7, Rione Monti, 00185
  • Transportation:  London Gatwick to Rome Fiumicino with EasyJet
  • Food: lasagna, lasagna, lasagna. take-away sandwiches.
  • Activities: piazzas, Vaticano Museum, Colosseum, Forum Romano, eating lots of lasagna.
  • Total cost of trip: €400, for two people.
  • Appreciation: 5/5

Fontana di Trevi

I was lucky enough to be in Rome on the last day of Cultural Week, which gave free access to the Colosseum and the Forum. €30 in my pockets. I was off to a good start.

The city itself is a museum, every detail is interesting to look at. It doesn’t feel like walking from one sight to another, it feels more like a natural and relaxed stroll, taking in as much as possible.

As mentionned in a previous post, I think that Vaticano Museum was a rip-off, but it’s still worth visiting nonetheless, even if it’s only for the Sistine Chapel. One of those unmissables.

As for the hotel, I would definitely go back there. It was friendly, homy, well located and totally affordable at €69 per night for a double room with bathroom, breakfast included.

You can see on the map below what my itinerary was. I think that I really made the most out of my two days there, although I wish I visited more churches. I was not able to visit St Peter of Rome because there was at least a 4 hours wait. Next time I will plan ahead.

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