My 10 Favourite Things to Do in London

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I should warn you right away: I have unconditional love for London. Unquenchable, unreasonable, un-measurable love. I could easily list a thousand things to do in Llondon. But if I only had to pick 10… they may not be the top tourist things to do, but they all mean something to me, personally. Here goes!

10. Shopping
I’m not a fashionista by any means,  but I strongly believe in retail therapy. It doesn’t have to be expensive - hell, it doesn’t even have to cost anything at all - but for me, the best way to escape my worries for a bit is to lose myself in one of London’s giant shops and browsing. Be it clothing, make up, home decor, anything.

I have a thing for the H&M flagship store on Regent Street, Topshop, of course, the Harrod’s food hall and Paperchase, where I can get all sorts of things, including funky Christmas cards.

9. Albert Bridge
It just gets magical at night, reflecting on the Thames. Plus it’s in a really nice and quiet area, and if you have the time, you can visit the great Battersea Park on the other side of the Thames.

8. Entertainment
London is entertainment by itself. The constant hustle and bustle creates a very special environment for all outsiders. That being said, the West End truly is the Mecqua of all musicals in the country, whether you opt for a glamour play via a TKTS booth or a vintage film at the Prince Charles theater.

7. People
Londoners are impossible to define. They are all so different from one another, each with different styles and manners. I love how the fact that they are all unique individuals make them such a great group in overall.

things to do in london

6. Camden Locks
Camden is such a quirky place. You can find anything from earrings, to art, to tutus and punks. I think it represents the city’s culture extremely well, a rich mixture of hundreds of different things all coming together for the sake of our senses.

5. Variety of food
Whether you feel like Italian, British, Indian, Moroccan or whatever else comes through your mind, you will find it in London, no matter how thick or thin your wallet is. If it’s not in London somewhere, it probably doesn’t exist.

4. Public Transit
An activity by itself! For the non-initiated, travelling on the tube can be quite daunting. 270 stations amongst 11 lines travelling in 6 zones with each different fares… impressive, huh? It is definitely the most reliable way to travel around the city (on strike-free days, that is). The new Boris bikes are also a great way to make your way around the city. I however prefer the bus, especially double deckers, as they are cheaper and allow visitors to do some sightseeing while getting to their destination. Riding the doucle decker is one of my favourite things to do in London! So iconic.

3. Architecture
Luckily, London was not as damaged as other cities during the Great Wars, which allows us today to witness different styles and eras, including the unclassified and discussable O2 arena on the South Bank, the noticeable Gherkin in the City, as well as lovely Georgian houses in residential neighbourhoods.

2. Big Ben
Very cliché, I know. It just reminds me how lucky I am to be there, in that beautiful city, seeing all those wonderful things. More of a spiritual favourite (but I reckon it is pretty impressive at night).

things to do in london

1. Hyde Park
That one is a bit personal, as this is where I got engaged. But I’ve always loved this particular area, the calm that fills you in when you enter the park, the hustle from the nearby high streets slowly fading away. A little piece of heaven in the heart of London.

What are your favorite things about London? Are you a fan of the city in general?


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4 Responses to “My 10 Favourite Things to Do in London”

  1. Sofie

    02. Nov, 2012

    Jeej, London!
    I love the West End as well and go catch a show everytime I’m in town.
    Still have to see Hyde Park, but it’s on my list for next year!
    I also really like the Old Naval College in Greenwich and walking along the waterside at Canary Wharf.

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  2. Sofie

    02. Nov, 2012

    Oh and I also love the Covent Garden area!:-)

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  3. great list! Thanks for sharing!!

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