Watching the Royal Wedding Live in an English Pub

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courtesy of Burgundy Lion

5:15 The lovely Anne picks me up and gets us to where the party was at in Montreal this morning, the Burgundy Lion. I can feel the excitement grow as we get closer to the pub - maybe it’s the festive tiaras we were wearing. Or our bodies reaction to being up so early!

5:25 I enter the pub, totally amazed by the amount of people in there - it was crowded with early birds in all kinds of attire, who all shared the same enthusiasm and smiles. This was off to a really good start! And apparently, our tiaras caught the attention - Anna was interviewed by a few newspaper and news reports. But for the journalists, the event was not so much about the celebration of a wedding rather than a debate over being a royalist or a republican. I thought these questions were rude, out of context and well, boring, to be honest. Can’t people just enjoy the show?

5:30 Right on the clock, here comes the bride! Everyone says yes to the dress as she enters Westminster Abbey. I wonder what effects they used to make the Abbey filled with such light (and trees!). The vows were brief and quite lovely - I loved the smirks and the looks William and Kate exchanged. They seemed to be enjoying this moment for themselves and I felt really happy for them.

7:30 The couple exits the Abbey and journeyed by carriage to Buckingham Palace, where they would be offering the world their first public kiss as Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. I’m impatiently waiting for this particular moment.


Royal Wedding Celebration at the Burgundy Lion


8:15 Still no sign of the future King and Queen. It made me wonder about the little things that I didn’t quite get about the wedding - what on Earth were they doing while we waited for the kiss? Why wasn’t William facing his wife when she walked down the aisle? Why did they say “I Will” instead of “I Do”? Where did they go after exchanging their vows? Who had the lovely idea to pair Prince Harry and little kids in a carriage? Answers welcome!

8:25 There they are, at last! The bride looks radiant, although slightly nervous. But who wouldn’t be, knowing there are over 2 billion people waiting? But of course… it was just perfect. Double perfect!


I’m really glad I could witness this moment. It’s not going to change the course of the world, nor will it it make us forget recent tragedies. But sometimes, celebrating love, whether royal or not, is essential in order to keep going.

And that’s what today was about.

So how was the wedding, you ask? It was great. Really, really great.

Highlights: video or photos.

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4 Responses to “Watching the Royal Wedding Live in an English Pub”

  1. Christine

    01. May, 2011

    I totally had the same questions going through my head as I watched! Also, why did Pippa wear white?

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  2. Anne Kostalas

    02. May, 2011

    Great write up. Although we had no alcohol the 4.30 alarm call and 25 cups of coffee was enough to make me giddy. Love the photos. We did look good considering the early hour, no? ha ha

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    • Marie

      02. May, 2011

      @Anne: Thanks! :) I think the pre-wedding excitation contributed to my ability NOT to fall asleep in the cupcake plate. But indeed, we look pretty good :) Thanks again for the ride.

      @Christine: I still have no idea why Pippa wore white, but I thought that Kate’s dress was so grand, it didn’t really matter if another person wore white. And it suited her so well! I learned that once they are done with the vows, they enter the back of the church to sign the wedding registry. And while we were waiting for the kiss outside Buckingham Palace, they were taking photos. TLC, thank you for providing me with the answers! ;)

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  3. Burberry Watches

    06. Jul, 2011

    Cool! People were really enthusiastic about the royal wedding. I watched it from home. :)

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