Quick Getaway to Prague, Take 2

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I’ve wanted to return to Prague for a long time. I felt I wasn’t quite done with it last time I visited, so I was glad to have more time on my hands on this trip (more time is a slight exaggeration - I only had 48 hours to be exact, as opposed to 24 in the past). What did I do during my weekend getaway to Prague? Let’s see.

Our Lady of Tyn

I started my visit at the natural start of everything in Prague: the Old Town Square. Even more beautiful than I remembered it, I took some time to appreciate the unfamiliar architecture and the beautiful details of the colorful facades, which have nothing to do with anything we find in North America. I couldn’t get enough of the detailed carvings and the pastel colors. To appreciate it even more, I went all the way up the old Town Hall tower (well, there’s an elevator, so I had no excuse not to) and it was spectacular - the views on the Our Lady of Tyn cathedral, which is a little hidden from the square, are truly worth the “climb”. I decided to visit inside the cathedral since it intrigued me so much from up there, and I really wasn’t disappointed. And hey, it was free of charge.

In the evening, I decided to indulge on the cheap Czech currency and pay a visit to a fancy Italian eatery, the Grossetto Marina. I’m not sure which was more enjoyable: watching the sun set over the castle or the basil gnocchis. Or the two together.

Prague Castle at twilight

My quick weekend getaway to Prague two years ago left me so little time, I had forgotten what the Charles Bridge looked like. Apart from being over-crowded, it is truly a splendid piece of art - I loved looking at the many baroque saint statues lined up to the end of the bridge. And the casual earring shopping.

Another highlight of my trip was obviously the Castle. I visited the grounds on my first visit but was too frugal to pay the entry fee to the interior. I didn’t make that mistake again, and I was glad to realize the entry fee (250 Kc) was worth it for the St.Vitus cathedral alone - I almost spent an hour in there! The rest of the visit was equally enjoyable, even though there were too many lots of people.

St.Vitus Cathedral

To wrap up the trip in a typical Czech manner, I decided to tag the husband along and drag him to the beer museum (somehow I didn’t have to try too hard). I am not a big fan of beer but I liked the idea of having the opportunity to taste up to 10 flavors, including the girly blueberry and chocolate ones. You can take the girl in a Czech bar but you can’t take away the girliness!

Prague Beer Museum

By taking the time to enjoy things rather than rush every step, I feel I have a much better grip on the main part of the city . I don’t know if I will have the opportunity to return in the future, but I would certainly love to - I feel like I have so much more to explore!

Have you been on a weekend getaway to Prague before? What are your best places to visit?

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9 Responses to “Quick Getaway to Prague, Take 2”

  1. Katherina

    22. Aug, 2011

    Prague really looks like a beautiful place - and everyone I speak to about it agree that it’s magical! Is it still as affordable as it used to be? I have heardthatit’s getting moreand more expensive since tourists have discovered is charm….

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    • Marie

      23. Aug, 2011

      I have to say, the prices do have gone up, but it’s still more affordable than other European capitals. I don’t know for how long, though!

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  2. Abby

    23. Aug, 2011

    Stunning photos!! Prague has some how always eluded me… I just had to cancel yet another trip there this November!

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    • Marie

      23. Aug, 2011

      Such a shame! I really hope one day you can visit, it’s such a magical place!

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  3. John

    24. Aug, 2011

    Katherina, Prague is getting more and more expensive, but venture out into the Czech countryside and you will find prices very affordable. some beautiful places to visit too!

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  4. Andrea

    25. Aug, 2011

    How cool that there is a beer museum! We’ll have to check that out

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  5. Anthony

    19. Sep, 2011

    I’m officially the only person in the world who went to Prague and didn’t enjoy it :)

    I went to all these places, except the beer museum - which I am sure I would have loved! I found the place beautiful, especially Charles’ Bridge on a night, but I found it extremely touristy.

    Also, the fact that there were many Brits behaving badly, made me cringe (because I’m a Brit - kind of feel responsible when that happens!)

    Glad you both enjoyed it though - I guess we can’t like everywhere we go.

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